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ICONS: Sofia Coppola

The story of Elvis Presley has been told many times. Sofia Coppola directed and debuted Priscilla in Venice, from the point of view of the famous ex-wife, to great acclaim at the film festival.

MUST-SEE: Autumn film premieres

Barbie and Oppenheimer have clearly gotten the most attention in the film world so far this year, but 2023 and cinema will show no signs of slowing down this fall.

ICONS: Cillian Murphy

Next year, we won't be without an Irish representative at the Oscars: after so many memorable performances, Cillian Murphy will most likely be among the nominees for Best Actor... finally!

Yes Chef!

After the highly successful first season of The Bear, the second "course" arrived in June. But the combination of gastronomy and cinema is by no means new, let's look at the best examples!

ICONS: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Netflix's miniseries Arnold charts the journey of Schwarzenegger, an Austrian-born athlete from consummate bodybuilding champion to hard-edged movie stardom to an even more unlikely political career.


Continuing our ranking of the Disney live-action remakes.

Cannes 2023: Woman Power!

On Saturday, the Cannes Film Festival reached its final moment: the Palme d'Or award ceremony, which was finally given by Jane Fonda to the thriller Anatomy of a Fall.

ICONS: Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas was awarded the honorary Palme d'Or this week, joining the likes of former overseas classics such as Clint Eastwood, Jodie Foster, and even last year's winner, Tom Cruise.

Avatar: a visual feast in cinemas

James Cameron's blockbuster sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, has grossed $1.928 billion worldwide to date, behind only five films in box office history.

2022’s Top Ten: #4

The 75th Cannes: a celebration of cinema in the shadow of war


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