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China’s Cosmetics Market Flourishes Amidst Regulatory Challenges for Foreign Brands

In the midst of China's economic uncertainties, one sector is shining brightly: the cosmetics industry, but Western companies are not getting the ROI they think they deserve.

Part 2: Navigating China’s Crisis of Confidence: Policy Challenges and Implications

Delving deeper into the specific policy challenges that China's policymakers are grappling with and the potential implications for the nation's economic trajectory.

Part 1: The Struggle of China’s Economy Amidst Crisis and Declining Confidence

Earlier this year, China had emerged from nearly three years of Covid-related lockdowns, and the economy was poised for a resurgence. However, this optimism quickly faded.

The Red Scare, Part 2

Navigating the future of China’s property market amidst crisis

The Red Scare, Part 1

The unprecedented turmoil in China’s property market

China’s Shifting Economic Landscape: Challenges and Implications for the Global Economy

For over 25 years, China has been synonymous with rapid development and upward mobility, acting as an inexhaustible engine driving global economic growth, but recent events have highlighted a stark shift in this narrative.

The French Press

Macron will pressure Xi in China not to send military support to Russia.

An unexpected deal, an unexpected power shift

In an unexpected development, China has brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, who have been rivals in the Middle East for decades.

The Challenges to China

China's economy has been one of the fastest-growing in the world for the past few decades. However, as the country continues to develop and evolve, it faces several challenges that could impact its economic future

China in the New Millennium

China's economy has undergone remarkable transformations over the last two decades, emerging as a global economic powerhouse.


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