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Tyler, The (Lacoste) Creator

In 2019, Lacoste and le Fleur* launched a tennis-inspired collection, which at the time seemed like the most obvious meeting point of the two brands’ essence. Now, four years after the first collab with hip hop’s most brilliant court clown, Tyler, The Creator has returned to Lacoste’s chic fashion house with a preppy-style second edition to shake up the brand again with his eccentric sense of life.

Tennis enthusiasm is certainly not absent from this collection; only the style has been changed and to make the pieces even more impactful, the sportswear has been carefully transformed into knitwear. The musician and fashion icon known for his eccentric style, Tyler, The Creator, founder and creative director of the le Fleur* brand, said the cardigan in the new collection is one of the best things he’s ever done. Details are key to Tyler’s music and style, and this collection is no different. The embroidered crocodile with signature le Fleur* really hits and quickly grabs everyone’s attention. But we could also highlight the flower buttons in honour of the brand name. Unlike the 2019 launch, this is an autumn collection, so the clothes are designed for the colder seasons ahead. Consequently, in addition to the aforementioned cardigan, we’ve got Tyler’s essential signature knit vest, lots and lots of printed tees, jackets – each with a matching pair of trousers – and even skirts. The light blue details on the cardigans work really well, as do the fluffy vests. The duo have also designed pleated skirts and trousers with sophisticated patterns to complete the collection. The collection also includes two jewellery accessories, a pearl bracelet and a pearl necklace. Tyler’s distinctive style combined with Lacoste’s timeless appeal has resulted in a collection that is sure to be a hit with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


Preppy (also known as preppie or prep) is an American subculture associated with alumni of college preparatory schools in the north-eastern United States. The term, which is short for “preparatory”, is used to describe a person considered typical of students or alumni of such schools. Characteristics of preppy individuals include a particular subcultural speech, vocabulary, dress, manners and etiquette that reflect a conservative, upper-class upbringing.

In recent years Lacoste has developed its youth department quite a lot. Sportswear and windbreakers are increasingly taking over the lead in their advertising, whereas ten years ago the focus was on classic T-shirts and, of course, sneakers. Recent collaborations with Netflix, Comme des Garçons and of course the Lacoste Olympique Heritage collection have contributed greatly to this essential rebranding process.

In the most beautiful shades of pastel, the FLEUR* x Lacoste collection has been available since 11 October.