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Making Science, Making Waves

The pandemic completely rewrote the digital marketing playbook, and despite how most societies are reopening, it continues to challenge existing rules about customer relationships and building brands. Nothing will ever be the same, but agile firms have made important adjustments that will ensure their relevance for years to come. Perhaps the most substantial change is the need to appeal to each individual’s values, not just their demographics of age and gender. Those people, no matter their values, also have much higher expectations of every brand, especially when it comes to digitalisation. The pandemic forced organisations of all types (SMEs, multis, governments) to accelerate their digital transformations, and at the same time, this has led to consumers expecting far when it comes to any company’s digital experience. Customers expect companies to have what they want, when they want it. Any company that has not already transformed digitally is falling further and further behind; any company that executed a sub-par digital transformation is also at risk of losing relevance and market share. That is why companies like Madrid-based Making Science have been so successful despite the pandemic; they help other companies respond to very real and very urgent market demands.

Urgency and Opportunity

Given the urgency of digital transformation, there are a lot of startups and companies that are trying to occupy that space. Competition is tight, so very few firms are successful, and even fewer make the kind of waves that Making Science has made in the past few years. Since its creation in 2016, Making Science has rejected becoming a niche firm and instead has consolidated multiple companies into a Marketing and Technology Consulting group. They are now positioned as a one-stop-shop with expertise in digital marketing and data analytics. But they still specialise in e-commerce and digital acceleration, which accompanies companies in the digitisation of their entire value chain. The markets in which Making Science operates are digital advertising, data analytics, e-commerce and the cloud, all of which are experiencing high growth rates.

Based on the firm’s results, they were chosen as SME of the Year by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and a “Fast Expansion Company with Exponential Growth” by Ernst & Young. Based on their growth from 2017 to 2020, they were even listed as one of The Financial Time’s Fastest-Growing Companies in Europe. More recently, their EBIDTA almost tripled from 2019 (2.5 million EUR) to 2021 (7.2 million EUR). This kind of performance is especially impressive when one considers how other companies fared during the pandemic; most consulting firms saw their revenues fall off cliffs, and there were no profits to speak of. The firm’s performance is why they have been so aggressively pushing for international expansion. They now have offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Portugal, France, Ireland, Italy, Georgia, Colombia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Mexico, and their 800+ professionals are pushing to continuously open into new markets. Given the firm’s proven results and the market’s skyrocketing demand for their services, Making Science will definitely be making waves for years to come.