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FTX Customers to Recover Their Lost Funds

In a significant turnaround from its catastrophic collapse in 2022, FTX customers could soon see a full recovery of their lost assets plus additional interest, according to the company’s bankruptcy attorneys. This announcement marks a crucial milestone in recuperating the $8 billion that vanished overnight, triggering a crisis across the cryptocurrency landscape.

Under a proposal submitted to a federal bankruptcy court in Delaware, nearly all creditors of FTX, which includes hundreds of thousands of regular investors, are set to receive payments amounting to 118 percent of their original holdings. This plan stems from an extensive 17-month effort by FTX’s legal team to consolidate assets since the company’s downfall.

However, there is a notable limitation to these repayments. The compensation calculation is based on the asset values at the time of FTX’s bankruptcy filing in November 2022. Consequently, clients will not benefit from the recent upsurge in cryptocurrency values, such as Bitcoin’s increase to record highs. For instance, a customer who lost one Bitcoin, valued at less than $20,000 during the bankruptcy, won’t receive compensation reflecting Bitcoin’s current price exceeding $60,000.

The process of disbursement is expected to take additional months as it awaits approval from John T. Dorsey, the federal judge overseeing the bankruptcy case. Despite initial doubts about the possibility of recovering such substantial amounts, the prospect of customer restitution appeared bleak when FTX collapsed under a rapid withdrawal of deposits and went bankrupt.

FTX’s implosion was one of the most dramatic in crypto history. It functioned as a vibrant marketplace for trading digital currencies, where billions of dollars in crypto assets were stored. Following the disaster, FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried resigned, and John J. Ray III, known for his role in managing Enron’s aftermath, took over. Bankman-Fried was later convicted on charges of extensive fraud involving the misuse of customer funds for various investments and personal expenditures, resulting in a 25-year prison sentence.

John J. Ray III’s management has been pivotal in navigating through the complexities of this financial debacle. His team’s diligent asset recovery efforts have included capitalizing on successful investments made by Bankman-Fried, such as the substantial gains from FTX’s investment in AI firm Anthropic during the AI boom. Further, FTX managed to retrieve over $400 million from Modulo Capital, alongside additional funds through lawsuits against former executives and other entities connected to the company’s former management.

The path to recovery has been buoyed by the rising interest from speculative investors purchasing bankruptcy claims from former customers at a fraction of their value, betting on the eventual payout commencement. This saga reflects not only the volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets but also the potential for substantial recoveries through adept legal and financial maneuvers in the aftermath of corporate collapses.