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Castles by Ants – Episode 20: The Private Life of the Expert Type

An ongoing series about psychology in the world of sport.

It is paramount for Experts to build their private lives perfectly. They cannot compromise in a relationship and are far from adopting social norms simply because they are accepted by society at large. They have their own set of rules upon which they build relationships. We have to accept that Expert people are distrustful. They test everyone before they trust them. It is difficult for certain personality types to stomach this, so they can never get really close to an Expert. Typically, they build relationships very slowly, but these relationships last forever. When they put energy into building a relationship, they stick by it. They do not like to change, because they experience change as a failure, like they botched something. They prefer Expert acquaintances or companions, as respecting core values is essential in their private lives. They consciously build relationships based on ruthless sincerity, reliability, and long-term planning. There are few people around them in their lives: two to three friends, a partner, and the well-vetted biological family members compose their network. They are great masters of the reinterpretation of the word “family” and are able to analyse their own family members objectively. And if someone breaks a moral rule they can’t accept, then they’ll even sever ties with that family member. They don’t like to play a role, nor do they like anyone doing so around them. They want to be perfect companions, so they are constantly learning about their partner. This is also the reason why this type is the one that can really build long-term, balanced relationships. Of course, I do not say that the beginning of a relationship with them is easy, as surviving the first “trial” period can be exhausting.

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