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Castles by Ants – Episode 14: The Private Life of the Individual Type

An ongoing series about psychology in the world of sport.

The life of an Individual is by no means boring. After all, they are entertaining and want to be entertained. There’s always something interesting going on, so they can shake up their family members even in the trickiest situations. The Individual is the centre of the group, but it should be noted that for them, family is also another stage, or it is only a tool by which they can live a freer life. That said, they show this in an endearing and sympathetic way. But they are not characterised by self-sacrifice. If the Individual has something to say, everyone has to listen to it, but if others want to talk to them, the Individual ignores it without any problems. And that’s natural for them. Life must be enjoyed today! That’s their motto. With this urgency, however, the Individual does not deal with basic safety factors. They love spending money. In most cases, more than they can afford. They typically stretch beyond their means. Individuals are often short on money, yet somehow, they can always find the right explanation for what external circumstances have pushed them into this situation. They don’t like rules. They run away from a highly regulated relationship. But it is also true that even basic relationship rules can pose major challenges for them. This is because they love novelty, and the older the relationship is, the less novel it becomes. Instead, relationships mean routine, which they must escape. If in a conversation I hear that someone has divorced several times and will remarry for the fourth time, that person is definitely an Individual. They need to find a person with whom they can enjoy their life. As a result, they tend to choose from their own personality type at a young age, and as they grow older, realising the damage of constant unpredictability, they turn to the opposite pole of the psychological circle and find an Expert-type partner, who will remain with them in the long run. They will not enjoy life as much as before, but they can sacrifice this. The birth of a child is a huge challenge in the life of an Individual. This is because their freedom, the most essential element in life, will be restricted by another person. Very often, therefore, they decide to change their personality and suppress their Individual side when the baby is born. This way, the child gets a grey, unhappy parent, which does not help the kid all that much. The Individual has to accept that they love being prioritised first, this must be understood by their environment as well, and just because social traditions do not value it so highly, they will not change. However, this personality can provide benefits that no other type can, but this is a “package deal”. We have to decide whether we like it or not!

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