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Castles by Ants – Episode 13: A General Description of the Individual Type

An ongoing series about psychology in the world of sport.

People of this personality type are creative, dynamic people who are constantly on the move. In the short term, they are able to summon enormous energy, and with this energy, they can move mountains. They are optimistic people, who look at the bright side of life. They don’t like conflicts; they try to build good relationships. They can easily make new connections, gain a large company of buddies in a truly brief time, and become the centre of this company. Not only do they like this role, but it is well-suited to their personality. The “stage” is important to them because they want the attention of others, and this is how they enjoy themselves. Individuals are highly creative and, moreover, they bring creativity in the true sense of the word. They can generate brand new things out of nothing. A sharp-minded type, they oversee the greatest chaos, and they have a good sense of how to “always land on their feet”. Their communication is outstanding. Not only do they communicate well, but they also do so effectively. They have the ability to influence their environment through their communication, and thus to direct their environment towards their personal goals. Whenever you need to shake up a situation, the Individual is the perfect solution. They love new things, new challenges, and they even seek out these situations throughout their lives.

Like all personality types, of course, Individuals have their own challenges. The speed at which they take actions makes them unpredictable. It is exceedingly difficult for them to decide. Or they decide right away, but they can completely reverse course within a few hours. They are used to doing the communicating, so they are bad listeners. Therefore, it is difficult for them to collect information, so their decisions and actions usually become superficial. Superficiality also characterises their human relationships. They are surrounded by a lot of people, but they can be very selfish, so they don’t deal with their relationships in depth. They are typically the people who exaggerate. They do not like something, they love it. This is also how they disappoint the outside world, as they always embellish, and their mood drops when people around them realise that they do not need to be taken seriously. They are the ones who can easily have fifty “best friends”, but they might not remember any of their birthday. In their relationships, they select according to who lifts their mood. Negative people are avoided, even if they are the most important family members. Their creativity is indisputable, but they live chaotic lives. Chaos is usually typical of them, and they reassure themselves that they see through it. But of course not! They usually know a little about everything, but they don’t really have profound expertise. But that’s not a problem, because with their perfect communication, they cover their knowledge gaps quite well. They love diversity, but the downside is that they can’t stay in one place. As a result, their loyalty level is exceptionally low. They soon get tired of a job, a position, a neighbourhood, or even their partner. It is a big challenge for them to keep a relationship alive, because each new person is always more interesting to them than the routine options they already know. Their performance and concentration largely depend on their current mood. If “the sun is shining” then everything is fine, their performance can be higher than expected, but when it is “overcast”, then everything around them really darkens. One’s opinion and reactions can turn on a dime, causing a serious headache for those around them. Because Individuals are the least stable personality type, many people think of them as people they cannot count on or trust. If we can’t handle the Individual perfectly, then those people are right!

Individuals were the biggest losers of the last economic crisis. The pre-crisis period was about sales, even though the way to earn revenue sometimes meant misleading clients and customers. They are skilled at inflating economic bubbles, and that is why a lot of professionals, buyers, and average people have blamed them for the crisis. That’s not far from the truth, and as a result, this type has been relegated out of business and management in the years after the crisis. People could no longer tolerate endless communication without a true professional background. They wanted real facts, raw information, without any particular colouring or coating. Of course, it was not a good decision to ignore this personality type, because innovative ideas, dynamism, and creativity come from them. You just have to realise that they can’t execute things from start to finish; they cannot actualise their ideas. So, if they do not seek support in that area, they will fail. But if they build the background, they are capable of incredible success, as evidenced by many world-famous startups! In today’s business world, the Individual type is very well handled, not overrated, and its values are recognised! They are definitely needed in business, in fact, they are the engines of development. That is why they have regained managerial positions, and they are usually part of modern “dual solution” managerial teams; the introverted types manage the background strategy and logistics work, while the extroverted Individual takes on the front-line duties, where they are second to none.

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